Culottes Maya – Versiunea 1

Ați crezut că scăpați numai cu tiparul de sutien?
maya bra and panties

Înainte de articol, din nou un scurt anunț. Sunt disponibile noi mărimi pentru tiparul de sutien Maya:

  • EU 95C / UK 42C / US 42C
  • EU 100C / UK 44C / US 44C
  • EU 90H / UK 40FF / US 40H
  • EU 65D / UK 30D / US 30D
  • EU 65H / UK 30FF / US 30H
  • EU 90D / UK 40D / US 40D
  • EU 100I / UK 44G / US 44I
  • EU 70A / UK 32A / US 32A

Verificați pagina de descărcare.


Și acum să trecem la articol.
Știu că sunt o grămadă de tipare pentru chiloți. Se găsesc berechet pe internet, multe sunt gratis. Dar vreau eu să am tiparul meu! În plus tiparul va fi pe mai multe înălțime, nu doar small-medium-large-xlarge. Și tare am vrut să testez și niște tehnici de proiectare.
maya panties
Am scuturat bine creierii pentru un model, ca până la urmă să aleg ceva simplu. Maya este un design clasic de sutien. Așa că lasă și chiloții să fie ceva simplu și comfortabil.
maya panties
Și acesta va fi un tipar GRATUIT, desigur!
maya panties
Această pereche este primul test. Are cusătură pe centrul feței și spatelui. Nu are cusături pe laterale.
maya panties
maya panties
Chiar îmi doresc un manechin pe care să vă fi arătat forma reală a chiloților. Așa trebuie să vă zic în cuvinte:

  • Îmi place spatele
  • La început chiloții mi s-au părut cam înalți, dar nu sunt, așa că am să las înălțimea aceasta
  • Nu-mi place fața, trebuie mai decoltați
  • Partea dintre picioare este Ok

După câte vededți, am de făcut ceva modificări la tipar. Până nu sunt după placul meu, nu pot să-i dau în testare. Dar iată o intrebare pentru voi: ați vrea să încercați să coaseți o pereche similară?



25 de comentarii

  1. Hello Anna
    How fantastic of you to draft panties! I would love to test your pattern and make a few pairs. What would you like me to do? Kind regards, Elizabeth

    1. Hi, Elizabeth! This is not ready for testing. I’ll let you all know when it’s available. I’m so glad there are people who want to try these 🙂 Thank you!

  2. Great idea and I’m also excited about your bra pattern. I’m really interested in designing/finding a panties pattern without elastic around the legs. I hate panty lines on myself and everyone else which is the reason for my quest. To date, stretch lace seems to be the best bet but I haven’t gotten to the design part yet.

    1. Hi, Mary, these are made with elastics all over. But I think with a small alteration you’ll be able to use stretch lace. It will be interesting to see how they’d turn out 🙂

  3. Wow! I can’t wait to make a full Maya set! The panties look very promising! I’m sure they’ll be as flawless as the Maya bra when you finish the last adjustements of the pattern 😉
    I wanted to ask you a question: do they have a vertical seam at the crotch? They look like they do in the pictures, so I’m curious because I’ve never owned a pair of panties with a seamed crotch. I’ll love to try the pattern when it’s ready! 🙂

    1. Thanks, Sofia 🙂 Yes, there is a vertical seam on the crotch. In fact the crotch is not a separate piece. There are 2 main pieces that are sewn together on centers, and the lining for the crotch. It slipped my mind to show you technical drafts. I definitely should do that on my next blogged pair!

  4. I would be interested in testing your underwear pattern when you are ready for testers. I am working on a Maya Bra now, and am excited about the idea of a matching – free pattern pair. Thank you for that.

    1. Hi, Amber! I appreciate that! I’ll publish a post asking for pattern testers, when it’s ready for public testing. Please, keep an eye on my blog 🙂 Thank you!

  5. I juuust printed your Maya Bra pattern to try it out! And then I saw this post and I’d be more than happy to test it whenever it will be the time to! You make an amazing work and your blog is very interesting and inspiring. I’ve been sewing lingerie for a year now and I can’t seem to get enough of it! Thank you very much for all your posts and for traducing to english. I don’t have a blog because my maternal language is not english either and just thinking about traducing everything to make it available to everyone seems like a lot lot of work! You’re courageous and maybe I’m gonna make a blog too finally 🙂

    1. Thank you, Lolie! I will write a post when culottes pattern is available! As for the blog, I encourage everyone to start one, but I warn you, it’s time consuming 🙂

  6. I just downloaded your pattern. Im so happy! I’m a mom with 3 teen age girls. I have some physical limitations that keep me from working so we’re always on a budget. Im so happy to have learned how to sew pretty under garments. We feel so pretty and wealthy *grin*
    If you ever need more testers, you can put me on your list for sure!

    1. Which pattern? Maya panties is not yet ready. But keep an eye on the blog. It will be soon available for testing! All the best to you and your daughters!

  7. Oh, yes. They look like lovely high legged panties. I would love to make a pair like this when the pattern is ready,

    Just discovered you through another blogger I also just discovered – Miss Maddy sews. How very kind of you to release the bra and eventually this as free patterns:). I am a novice bra maker and haven’t tried underwires yet – but I will, one day!

    Your cat is soooo gorgeous. One of mine plays the same way when I’m sewing:)))

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